An exclusive Knowledge Centre that Unlocks Growth for MSMEs

Get a quick overview of the multiple features and benefits offered by Growth Matters Forum

Whether you’re starting a new business or scaling an existing one, every business owner would be looking for ways to onboard new customers pertinent to their field, in order to increase sales and grow their business. Not only this, they would often wonder, if only I had access to someone with whom I could discuss my business problems and get advice. 

This video gives an overview of one such platform, a community of over 37,000 business owners that presents innovative ideas and resources for aspiring entrepreneurs to take their business to new heights. 

With special programs and initiatives, the portal includes Mentors of Global Bharat for budding entrepreneurs to gain insights and learn best practices from industry leaders. There’re also events and webinars, latest business news, updates on government initiatives, and more – all on a single platform. 

Not to mention the Global Bharat Movement, an initiative targeting MSMEs, to empower them with digital transformation packages, skilling workforce programs, and technology that helps expand to global markets. 

In short, a one-stop shop that allows MSME business owners to network with likeminded individuals, access a curated list of resources, get their queries answered, gain fresh perspectives, stay informed of market updates, and improve their business operations by leveraging the latest technology. Learn more about the benefits of joining the community in the video.