Why MSMEs cannot delay an ERP any further?

Micro, Small, and Mid-size Enterprises (MSMEs) constitute 90% of the business population in the world.

They are at the forefront of national income contributors in emerging nations. Despite this fact, this sector of businesses has a fair share of challenges to overcome every single day. However, the twists and turns MSMEs face may be different, but the fundamental challenges remain the same. 

It might be intriguing for MSMEs to envisage what’s coming as they have never been through that path before. So, they end up with unanticipated roadblocks and intimidating demands difficult to handle. 

Let There Be Change

SAP Business One Starter Package powers businesses to stay resilient, agile, and scale at an unprecedented pace. And the best thing is that it is super affordable and enterprise-ready. Available at just INR 3,999 per user per month with a one-time implementation price of 49,000 while up to 5 users (max) is payable in advance, in a year.

This blog will unlock the door to exponential business growth as it discusses how MSMEs cannot afford to delay an ERP any further. It will also reflect how SAP Business One Starter Package can act as an illuminator and make life simpler for MSMEs to shine and enable them to be ready for every opportunity. 

Challenges MSMEs Face in the Competitive Scenario

MSMEs function on a smaller budget scale with a limited number of team members. 

Decoding the right balance between improving profit margins with these resources and managing back-end tasks effectively is undoubtedly a challenge for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

A 2021 research that surveyed decision-makers at UK SMEs found that, on average, admin work consumes an hour per week. It may seem insignificant but it equates to lost productivity costs of £19 billion per year!

This is how overwhelmed SMEs and MSMEs around the globe are with administrative tasks. Numerous spreadsheets, customer reports, and valuable information across multiple systems and software make managing day-to-day tasks harder than they should be. As a result, businesses are confounded with erratic information records and unexplained chaos. 

By adopting and optimizing cloud modelling software like SAP Business One Starter Package to calibrate their work, MSMEs can upscale their productivity, achieve projected goals, and watch their business doing rendezvous with heights.

Cloud Modelling

Although small and medium enterprises are one of the most avid users of cloud services in 2021, some SMEs are still making ends meet on their servers.

In essence, Cloud ERP drastically cuts down on expensive hardware and maintenance and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Hence, Cloud ERP is promising and 40x cost-effective as compared to on-premise ERP.

Moreover, cloud services offer swift accessibility, data safety, and enhance real-time collaboration for businesses.

Automation in Business and Why It Is Important

Automation in business:

  1. Instils a sophisticated workflow.
  2. Frees time and energy for excellent work.

MSMEs can maximize the benefits of automation by having quick, detailed, insight-driven dashboards, and reports. Using these exhaustive reports decision-makers can confidently deduce important conclusions at any point in time. This accelerates business intelligence and increases work efficiency by managing the overall time spent on planning and executing a project. 

The breeze of ease that automation brings into businesses is highlighted in the 2021 Zapier Report of business automation which was mainly focused on SMEs. 66% of businesses say automation has now become an integral part of their business.

Imagine unloading the pressure off the shoulders of MSMEs by extending this automation to all the traditional business processes. Here Enterprise and Resource Planning (ERP) Systems save the day, the month, and the years to come.

Why Is ERP a Great Business Integrator for MSMEs?

ERP is designed to offer a one-stop integrated solution for all major business operations - finance, sales, inventory, production planning, etc. In other words, ERP centralizes every department of an organization thus making all the information readily accessible in real-time. ERP is no longer a privileged asset that only large businesses can afford. 

Benefits of ERP for Startups and MSMEs

The most remarkable benefits of ERP are:

  1. Increased efficiency and productivity: Helps steer clear of the mundane tasks of juggling between multiple software and duplication errors.
  2. Lower expenses: Recent statistics show that on average, ERP can reduce overall operational costs by 23% and administrative costs by 22%.
  3. Customer satisfaction: Expanding the management capabilities will smoothen and enhance customer experiences with the organization.
  4. Anytime, Anywhere Access: The Cloud ERP allows the workforce from across departments to engage in meaningful communication and work for critical results from just anywhere
  5. 360-degree visibility: Streamlines your processes and equips you with a bird-eye view of every aspect of your growing business.
  6. Helps mitigate ongoing concerns-: Helps in systematic planning, budgeting, and anticipating modern-industry challenges.

SAP Business One Starter Package

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SAP Business One Starter Package is one of the Top ERP software specially designed keeping in mind the dynamics of startups and micro small and mid-size companies. The SAP Business One Starter Package caters to your day-to-day business requirements. 

SAP Business One Starter Package is your go-to solution to optimize all the fundamental areas for your business to thrive holistically.

  1. Financial Reporting and Management
  2. Sales and Customer Relationship Management
  3. Purchasing and Inventory
  4. Production Planning and Distribution

It is a comprehensive software with a pocket-friendly ownership price.

The Starter Package eliminates IT complexities as it is easy to implement and deploy in weeks.

Being an industry-proven software solution, it empowers businesses with instant visibility and control over daily operations.

Advantages of SAP Business One Starter Package

  1. With a Starter Package Subscription, you get detailed and flawless insights on balance sheets, purchase analysis, monthly customer status and inventory audit reports.
  2. SAP Business One Starter Package helps you stay ahead of time with pre-configured auto-alerts for all business activities -  purchase requests, customer payments, warehouse stock, due deliveries, and a lot more.
  3. Designed with the importance of agility in view, it is 100% adaptable to the evolving needs of your business and enables customization as per your business operations.
  4. Pre-configured approval procedures in the package make optimizing workflows a very smooth process.

How Do You Know If Your Business Needs This

In case you are doubtful if your business needs this solution, here is a checklist to give you a clear illustration:

  1. You are a startup or an MSME aiming for high-performance ERP with smart and enterprise-ready features.
  2. You want to generate profitable revenue but most of your time is spent in admin work.
  3. You are looking to install affordable software that blends well with your business requirements.
  4. You want to focus on healthy customer relationships and build a loyal customer base.
  5. You want to expedite your operations just like 80% of SAP customers who have been assisted by Uneecops, one of the trusted and largest SAP Business One partners in India.

Customer Success Stories with SAP Business One

  1. Gopal Corps Ltd, a 75-year-old FMCG company, initially worked in a homebuilt ERP system. After a thorough evaluation, they decided to upgrade to SAP Business One ERP which laid down the foundation for integrated systems, better approval procedures, and improved precision in data. Uneecops helped them to achieve 360-degree software integration and increase business conversions.
  2. Select CITYWALK is India's admired shopping centre. Earlier, they functioned on Tally alone. Using Tally, feeding all the data from scratch for every operation was a daunting task. They realised the need for a system that links the front-end and the back-end. So, SAP Business One topped their list. Since the deployment, they have been able to customize SAP to fully integrate finances, security, engineering, operations, and housekeeping. SAP reports have helped them publish crisp results for management. A very satisfactory experience with SAP and Uneecops has helped them to streamline their business.

This is how SAP transcends and transforms every limitation in a business!

Final Takeaway

In this competitive era, resilience, adaptability, and alacrity are a magical combination for MSMEs. Relying on outdated software and legacy applications is not the right way to go. If your business is ready to welcome countless growth opportunities, you must implement the SAP Business One Starter Package.

SAP Business One Starter Package will free the time and energy to focus on strategic planning more efficiently - both for you and your team. With SAP, MSMEs will approach critical challenges proactively and resourcefully.

All set to skyrocket your business productivity and revenue? Uneecops is your go-to partner in this journey.