Meta Shaping the New Indian Economy To Train 1 Crore MSMEs

Meta (former Facebook Inc.) recently unveiled its new facility in Delhi NCR

It is touted to be Meta’s biggest facility in Asia which is proposed to be used to train over 1 crore MSMEs to use platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp and more to promote their businesses.

Meta has arranged a separate Centre for Fueling India’s New Economy (CFINE) within its new facility where teams from Instagram and WhatsApp will be present to train the 1 crore MSMEs and 2.5 lakh creators for a span of three years. Ajit Mohan, MP & MD of Meta stated that India was important for Meta not only because it was the largest country for them, but also because the future of the Internet was being shaped here. With CFINE, Meta aims to bring together all their products and whatever technology has to offer to support the growth of MSMEs.