Exploring Digital Marketing For MSMEs

Aleemahmed Khan

  • Source: Medium | 10 Dec 2021

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The digitisation of all the aspects of human life is happening at a pace faster than one could have imagined a decade ago, and its velocity has been much higher in the case of the world of businesses. Everywhere you look around, from business magnates working from their posh offices to entrepreneurs steering their ventures from coffee lounges, they all are slogging relentlessly in one domain: The Digital Realm. And you best know the answer behind the ‘why’.

But where do you and your business stand amidst all of this? What are your strategies and available resources for expanding your business in the digital realm?

Those are the questions that I shall try to answer in this blog based on practical experience, so read through the end to gain more insight into how to explore digital marketing for your business, especially if you fall in the MSME sector.

But before we begin, it is of utmost importance to understand the current waters you are sailing. By that, I mean reckoning your marketing budget and your present popularity amongst clients and customers. How likely is it that, and how many times, the customers would choose you over your competitors? That would help you better decide what campaign to run and what kind of sales funnels to deploy.

If that still doesn’t make complete sense, don’t worry; read on.

Every business is unique, and so are its demands concerning the course of marketing. But the few of the initial steps for any business towards exploring the digital marketing arena should be as follows:

  1. Deploying Effective Sales Funnels:

Effective Sales Funnel

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

A sales Funnel is an advertisement built to convince the looker-on about your product or service and sway him into becoming a participant. It collects and narrow downs all the visitors and converts them into real-time customers.

How to do that, man?

Simple enough! People don’t buy your products; they buy your story or statement. It could be anything, from a one-line post to a one-page content. Do your research and learn the art of building your own effective sales funnel. And what works for you will manifest.

2) Google Adwords:

Google Adwords

This is the most common way of managing and running your own advertisement campaigns these days, covering the world in a planned manner. With a budget as low as INR two thousand, you could run your advertisements across popular social media platforms for one week and in the countries of your choice. This, of course, would need thorough research about the target audience and the current hot market for your business. And an unplanned advertisement will always be vulnerable to being clicked and viewed by an audience who never would choose your business otherwise.

3) Media Or Channel Agnostic Ads:

Social Media Ads

Photo by icon0.com from Pexels

If you are a newbie in the digital marketing world and have never had any experience with it before, you would better maintain media or channel agnosticism while running advertisements to gain traction in the modern digital world. In a more simple term, this means you shouldn’t be solely relying on one single chosen social media platform that you consider your favourite. You never know which platform welcomes your advertisement and which takes no notice of it at all.

4) Avoiding Designing Douchey Click Baits:

Avoid Douchey Click Baits

Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels

Since the marketing world came to know about this concept, there has been a kind of gold rush to deploy this feature everywhere. While, undoubtedly, click baits are the elements that lure the customers to choose your business, it is certainly not advisable to design the baits that are overpromising in nature.

Convincing visitors to click on a link that leads them to a product or service that itself is not convincing is the best way to kill a prospect’s interest in your business. Refrain from Designing Douchey Click Baits!

5) Content Marketing and Copywriting:

Content and copywriting

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Content Marketing and Copywriting are the two most widely preferred aspects of the Digital Marketing world. And both the forms of marketing are altogether different from each other, but people still muddle up between them, given that both include some form of written content. To keep things straight for you, Content Marketing involves running email campaigns, making social media posts and advertising in print media, and copywriting is essentially short written content designed as bait to ensnare and lead the viewers down the sales funnel.

But here’s the catch you need to know before choosing any of them: They only work well and as planned if handled by the experts — Content Writers and Copywriters.

Wrap Up!


Photo by Ann H from Pexels

Of course, these five steps are not the end of the list, and as this blog is being written, volumes are being written on this subject. But these steps remain common and are the best to start with for any MSME business planning to test the waters of Digital Marketing.

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