Introducing SAP Ariba Discovery

Successful selling is all about the timing. To make sure your business is considered when qualified prospects are ready to buy, use SAP Ariba Discovery.

Every day, thousands of buyers from the world’s leading companies use this business matchmaking service for sourcing goods and services.

That helps participating suppliers list in more than 20,000 categories to find leads valued at billions of dollars in new business every year. Join today with a free registration, it is easy to create your profile.

$5 Billion in buyer postings 20,000 categories > 4,000 buying organizations

Benefits of SAP’s Ariba Discovery

  • Matches you with potential buyers
  • Find buyers looking for products or services you offer
  • Boost your sales and business
  • Save time by getting in front of active buyers directly
  • Boosts awareness among your target customers
  • Showcase your products and services

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SAP Ariba Discovery


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SAP Ariba Discovery

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SAP Ariba Discovery

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