Empower your people
with skills and insight
Enable your business
with digital technologies
Establish your presence
and market leadership

Global Bharat Movement is designed to give impetus to the growth aspirations and profitability goals of Indian MSMEs – empowering them with knowledge sharing, enabling them with robust supply chains and market access, transforming their business with technology, and helping them establish their leadership by creating new avenues for recognition.

With 6.3 Crore MSMEs in India contributing 29% to the GDP, Global Bharat Movement powered by SAP in association with industry bodies and leading non-profit organizations, is spearheading the MSME surge to make India globally competitive.

Join 36,000+ business owners in Growth Matters Forum and step beyond traditional boundaries of doing business. Gain access to the Global Bharat Movement, rise above challenges, stay ahead of disruption, and unlock exponential growth. Your ticket to a future-ready business awaits!

Three Core Pillars of Global Bharat

Global Market Access


Learn the recipe for entrepreneurial success through exclusive mentorship opportunities with self-made industry leaders. Give your workforce the digital skills to not only adapt but thrive in the new working environment. Gain practical insights, translate them into tangible outcomes, adopt best practices for business resilience, and foster sustainable growth.

Skilling The Workforce


Expand your customer base beyond borders and build new relationships to take advantage of global opportunities. Fast-track digitization with affordable enterprise tools to drive unmatched efficiency across your operations. Combine the ease of discovering qualified prospects with accessible technology transformation to scale your business, seamlessly.

Digital Transformation


Lay the foundation for industry-wide recognition by turning your business into an intelligent enterprise. Experience true business transformation on your terms and timeline with the latest cloud technologies, simplified engagement, and support at every step. Boost awareness with coveted awards that celebrate your leadership, innovation and digital-first mindset.

More about Global Bharat

Why MSMEs cannot delay an ERP any further?

They are at the forefront of national income contributors in emerging nations. Despite this fact, this sector of businesses has a fair share of challenges to overcome every single day. However, the twists and turns MSMEs face may be different, but the fundamental challenges remain the same.

It might be intriguing for MSMEs to envisage what’s coming as they have never been through that path before. So, they end up with unanticipated roadblocks and intimidating demands difficult to handle.

SAP launches program for MSMEs

Three Core Pillars of Global BharatSAP India has launched a new program to help micro, small and medium enterprises become more competitive globally.

The program, ‘Global Bharat’, will provide MSMEs free access to SAP’s global Ariba Network, as well as offer digital skilling initiatives for the workforce.

Now MSMEs can access SAP India's cloud marketplace Ariba for free

With 80 per cent of SAP's customers in India being from the MSME sector, Deb Deep Sengupta of SAP India said in the past three months the conversation with players in the sector brought out three key short-term issues.

In a bid to help MSMEs in India hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, SAP India has decided to open its cloud-based supply, spend and procurement management platform 'SAP Ariba' to Indian MSMEs for free till the end of the year.

SAP introduces Global Bharat programme to help Indian MSMEs become globally competitive

New Delhi, Jun 29 (PTI) Tech giant SAP India on Monday announced the launch of the Global Bharat programme to equip micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the country with digital technologies, to help them become globally more competitive.

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