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Rohit Kumar

Founder & CEO, Zedsoftpoint

Rohit is the Founder & CEO of Zedsoftpoint that has given roadmap to the government of India, to achieve 5 trillion economies. He also is the Mentor/Advisor/Business Coach at Startup India, Government of India, CII (Confederation of Indian industries) Kerala Government, Delhi Government, MAARG Portal Government of India, Newchip USA, and various government and corporate agencies across the world and is aimed at boosting Startup & Innovation in India.

He is the senior industry expert at various expert networks like GLG, Atheneum Partners, proSapient, Indywise to name a few and helps in adding value to the corporates across.

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Raghvendra Rangaswamy Gopal

Director at Materials info consultancy private Limited

Raghvendra is an IIT Professional with over 27 years' experience in automotive domain in manufacturing processes, Quality, lean manufacturing, six sigma, TQM, TPM and Metallurgy. He has worked with tier 1 dvancillaries and has been involved extensively in Product development support, new product team mentoring, design validation, reliability.

At MATERIALS INFO CONSULTANCY PVT. LTD. he supports companies in value engineering/cost reduction, root cause analysis/ failure investigation, part count and manufacturing complexity reduction, benchmarking/localization, advanced materials and ddesign, lightweight, reliability, DFMEA , critical supplier audits, product development, business development, supplier quality systems, process audits, supplier process improvements, third party inspection, awareness training and efficiency improvement based on lean six sigma projects.

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