Tranzmeo: Kerala AI startup on a mission to enhance efficiency of oil and gas companies

Tranzmeo started operations unofficially in 2016 and finally it was registered as a startup in Kochi, Kerala in 2017. A massive theft of oil had caused a significant loss to one of the major oil and gas pipelines in India and that was the trigger for Safil Sunny, an IT professional with over 11 years of experience, to do something about to prevent such colossal losses. 

In order to understand the problem better he contacted a few experts in oil and gas industry and learnt that such thefts are a worldwide problem for the oil and gas sector. Sunny spent almost a year in research to further understand the operations and maintenance of pipelines carried out by the oil and gas companies. Then he came up with the product Tranzmeo-Connect, an AI,ML and IOT devices powered comprehensive solution designed for anomaly detection in pipelines.  Tranzmeo-Connect also helps to enhance the monitoring of remote pipelines, which results in minimising the cost, downtime and carbon footprint for the oil and gas companies. 

“Tranzmeo helps the oil and gas companies to identify the location of leaks in pipelines in remote locations using AI and machine learning software. Now we are only focusing on oil and gas. But it can widely be used in railroad monitoring and power cable monitoring. People try to steal petrol and diesel in Arabic and African countries. Our product also tries to prevent the stealing of petroleum products,” says Safil Sunny, CEO and Founder, Tranzmeo IT Solutions. 

In December 2018 Tranzmeo raised pre-seed funding of an undisclosed amount from Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd (HPCL) for its AI powered product T-connect OneView. Tranzmeo has also been a part of NASSCOM’s 10,000 startups accelerator programme. Presently, Tranzmeo monitors 40,000 km of gas pipeline across the country. 

T-Connect OneView is India's first such product which can remotely monitor complete pipeline infrastructure 24x7 for anomalies and provide insights real-time. This helps oil and gas companies identify leaks, third-party intrusion like theft. 

Tranzmeo is one of the 20 startups selected for mentorship under the Mentors of Global Bharat program, an initiative by TV9 Bharatvarsh and SAP to offer guidance and support to budding entrepreneurs.

Sunny expects the mentors can help him to get funding and expand operations of Tranzmeo. 

“We want to expand our software outside India also. We required capital, leads and contacts to expand the startup. The technology is so costly. So it is difficult for a startup to grow in this space. We want to expand it in the Middle East, the United States and Latin America. We are looking for mentors to guide us in promoting our business in a market like India. And they can also help us in raising funds,” says Sunny about the future roadmap of Tranzmeo.