Top Reasons Why Zelorra Digitized its Business Environment with SAP Starter Package

A year back, India was reeling from the ill effects of Covid-19. Shops were closed, the supply chain was badly affected. Even the eCommerce platforms came to a grinding halt. It was in this chaotic situation that two forward-thinking people- Mr Deepak Gupta, the founder of Zelorra, and Mr Shuddhatm Chaturvedi stepped forward and turned the difficulties into opportunities. They created a completely Indian eCommerce website named Zelorra that would connect the buyers with the local sellers. 

Company Profile

Zelorra is an Indian eCommerce platform that teams up with local sellers to supply products with reasonable demand in the market. From groceries to electronic items, apparel to shoes- Zelorra offers a wide range of items. Thanks to its deep product portfolio and widespread distribution channel, the brand is poised to grow steadily and establish itself as a formidable online shopping player. It aims to mitigate the issues that eCommerce companies in India generally suffer from like slow delivery, high prices, and many more.

SAP Business One Starter Package: The Secret Behind Zelorra's Growth

Zelorra knew from the very beginning that they needed to automate the back-office operations to create a sustainable business model. Without that, they could not scale their operations or work efficiently. As Shuddhatm Chaturvedi, the managing director of Zelorra, rightly said that automation of the business processes was necessary, and for that, they needed an ERP.

After much research, Zelorra rested on SAP Business One Starter Package. Among many reasons, the prime considerations were: 

1. This ERP had the promise of SAP, one of the biggest and trusted ERP companies globally. 

2. SAP Business One Starter Package is specially made for MSMEs, and it comes loaded with features that can facilitate growth. Plus, it is priced affordably and can be upgraded as the business scales up. 

Hence, Zelorra found SAP Starter Package apt for its business process automation. 

Zelorra's Business Process Automation Journey with SAP Business One Starter Package

Time and again, Zelorra has stated the automation capabilities of the SAP Business Starter Package. Before adopting this ERP, they were managing all of their business processes with the help of spreadsheets. However, operating business with spreadsheets come with a myriad of problems-

1. Traditional spreadsheets don't speak to each other. Hence, if the data in one department (let's say, the sales department) gets updated, employees need to manually update the data of other related departments (like accounts or inventory).

2. Since spreadsheets need to be filled manually, employees in one department of a company need to keep a tab of the changing data by calling and mailing employees of other departments.

3. Manual updating of spreadsheets invariably comes with the issue of data entry errors.

4. The information doesn't flow smoothly across the organization that uses spreadsheets only. This results in cash flow issues, late delivery, supply chain issues, and a severe wastage of man-hours.

Once Zelorra implemented SAP Business One Starter Package, each aspect of its business got synchronized with one another. Now, when a sale happens, the inventory gets automatically updated. Whenever any transaction happens, the balance sheet gets updated to reflect that transaction. Zelorra doesn't need to prepare and update spreadsheets anymore manually.

Zelorra Zoomed to the Zenith of Power and Efficiency with SAP Business One Starter Package

Zelorra did not just automate its business operations with SAP Business One Starter Package but also achieved much more within a short span of time. With Starter Package, Zelorra is now able to procure and sell products in an organized way. The inventories never run out of items, thanks to the smart notification feature of SAP Business One Starter Package that alerts the company whenever an item crosses the threshold of minimum quantity (fixed by Zelorra). 

With the Purchase and Goods Receipt PO internally connected, the people managing the inventory do not need to call the back office every now and then. The ERP does all the heavy lifting. Sales, purchase, and goods receipt PO are all internally connected through the relationship map. All these results in a solid supply chain and eventually faster delivery, excellent customer service, and, above all, happy customers!

The result is in line with a recent survey conducted within a cohort of companies in 2020. When asked to indicate the areas where the implemented ERP produced ROI, the answers were:

1. Reduced IT costs (40%)

2. Reduced inventory levels (38%) 

3. Reduced cycle time (35%)

SAP Business One Starter Package Provides Tangible Business Benefits to Zelorra

Some business decisions take time to reap good results. However, when a company starts using SAP Business One Starter Package, the results are visible within months of the implementation. The same was the case for Zelorra.

1. Zelorra is now efficiently managing the inventory with very little manual intervention.

2. The business processes have not just been automated, but they have also been weaved together.

3. The on-time delivery rate has increased.

4. As a startup, Zelorra was worried about cash flow issues. With SAP Business One Starter Package, that issue is now well managed.

Startups need to differentiate themselves from the already established players if they want to sustain and thrive. SAP Business One Starter Package helped Zelorra immensely to build that differentiation strategy. 

Since the company can now save a substantial amount of money every month by automating the processes and clocking in twice the amount of output, they don't need to charge a hefty delivery price from customers. Similarly, the local businesses that Zelorra has on-boarded pay only when they sell a product. There is no listing charge as well. Not only that, but Zelorra can also help its partners manage their inventories. All these put Zelorra in a very advantageous position.

It's an Exciting Era for Startups and MSMEs

With ERP software being made especially for MSMEs, it's an exciting era for MSMEs and startups. Not only is the software custom made for micro small businesses, but the implementation process has also been kept hassle-free. The company pays just Rs. 3999 per user/month license fee for SAP Business One Starter Package. 

Zelorra does not have to worry about outgrowing this state-of-art ERP. SAP Business One Starter Package is modular, which means the company can add additional functionalities to the ERP. The next most exciting thing is; SAP Business One Starter Package can be upgraded to the full-fledged standard SAP Business One ERP. Zelorra's choice of this ERP has certainly been one of strategic significance. The start-up has taken one of the smart business decisions by opting Starter Package and partnering with Uneecops SAP Starter Package implementation.