This Bengaluru startup leads Clean Beauty products movement in India

In the beauty products industry there are a very few brands which are truly green and environment friendly. This industry is said to be one of the most polluting industries and many big brands are at times accused of not being free from animal-cruelty. A Bengaluru based startup named, Green and Beige, which depicts the two basic colours of nature, offers chemical-free, animal cruelty-free and vegan beauty products. The skincare and other products offered by Green and Beige are prepared using only 100% natural ingredients.   

“Green and Beige is based on a skin care movement named clean beauty. The elements used in clean beauty products don't harm the environment. We are the first business from the skin care and cosmetics industry, who are making clean beauty products. As the environment is important, our products are not toxic for animals and human beings,” says Dr Liza Merin Jacob, Director and Co-founder of Green and Beige. 

A dentist turned entrepreneur Dr Liza Merin Jacob, launched Green and Beige in April 2021 to offer skin, body and hair care products with a focus on sustainability. However, prior to launch Liza spent around 4 years doing research and development regarding the procedures of making the products using the bio degradable ingredients. 

“We have bootstrapped in the initial stage. We have invested almost Rs 2 crore in manufacturing and planning. We had a setback due to the pandemic after 6 months of launching. We worked for brand building and to establish our manufacturing unit,” says Liza.   

Despite the setback caused by pandemic Green and Beige wants to lead the clean beauty movement and grow its business rapidly. 

“We tied up with Amazon, Nykaa, Myntra. We have our products on a clean beauty website also. We have our own Green and Beige website and our products are also available there for sale. We have around 2000 customer base right now across the country,” adds Liza.

Green and Beige not only uses environment friendly packaging but also focuses on farming practices and soil practices to choose harmless ingredients.    

“We haven’t received any negative reviews for our products. Beauty industry is considered as the most polluting industry. People, who are aware of the planet, like our products. We are still growing and we are accumulating customers who are conscious about nature and want to make a difference. Not only the packaging but we also focus on harmless ingredients. The farming practices and soil practices are important to choose the ingredients,” says Liza. 

Green and Beige advocates clean beauty products and wants people to accept the clean beauty movement. “We want other commercial brands to accept the movement. Green and Beige should be the face of the movement. We also receive international invitations to tie up with brands there. We are also looking for funds and marketing to make people know about the efficiency of our products,” adds Liza. 

Green and Beige is one of the 20 startups selected for mentorship under the Mentors of Global Bharat program, a TV9 Bharatvarsh and SAP initiative to offer guidance and support to budding entrepreneurs.   

“Mentors can guide you to shine. We want to exercise brand building under mentorship. We want an experienced mentor to identify our mistakes and guide us,” expects Liza from the Mentors of Global Bharat Programme.