This Bengaluru startup helps manufacturing companies go digital

Chipster, a Bengaluru based technology startup is on a mission to digitise the operations of the manufacturing companies across the country. The tech startup specialises in IoT, Analytics, Cloud, AI/ML & Industrial AIR solutions.
The complete digitisation solution provided by Chipster, called CRUNCH, is powered with IoT capability, Edge to Cloud  analytic solutions and Artificial Intelligence/Augmented Reality. The Industry 4.0 platform developed by Chipster is a world class digital system that helps factories and shop floors turn into smart factories. Deep integration with machines allows access to 100s of parameters extracted via sensors that can be analyzed in real-time and this helps the manufacturing units go completely digital.
“I served in the IT industry for 23 years and have built digital solutions for various large companies across sectors. However, I  hardly saw any digital penetration in the manufacturing companies - so, I felt manufacturing sector is in a prime position for digital transformation. I think we can grow using this vertical as there are a lot of exposure and market opportunities to provide IoT & Analytics solutions in the manufacturing industry,” says Navaneeth Rao, Founder of Chipster Technologies.
Chipster was started by Navaneeth Rao & Nachiketh Rao and got its first customer in 2017. By 2022 Chipster completed integrating around 370 machines into its CRUNCH Industrial IoT Platform across 13 clients in 3 countries.
“We already have 11 clients throughout the country and also installed our solution for 2 companies outside the country.  It has been quite a journey since we started exploring the manufacturing domain - just when we thought we could scale in this domain, Covid struck and everything came to a stand-still, slowing us down.  But now, we are slowly inching back to track again and looking to expand our customer base” says Navaneeth about the journey of Chipster.  

The Covid-19 pandemic was a challenging period for Chipster. As the pandemic situation is improving across the country, Chipster plans to tap the opportunities in the manufacturing sector by spreading its operation across the country and abroad.
“During the pandemic, many companies froze Capital expenses and held back their digital plans. We were running our company on the basis of the annual subscriptions.  There are more than 40,000 manufacturing units in India. Through direct and indirect channels, we want to deploy the solution in most of these companies in the next 3-5 years. Following this, we can gain market leadership in this segment,” says Navaneeth.
Chipster Technologies is one of the 20 startups selected for mentorship under the Mentors of Global Bharat program, an initiative by TV9 Bharatvarsh and SAP to offer guidance and support to budding entrepreneurs.
“We are seeking Marketing and sales mentorship from the TV9 Bharatvarsh mentors who are already connected with the industry.  We already have technology mentorship. We just want to gain more reach using their knowledge about the market. They can also help us by sharing their insights about how to approach the manufacturing sector, how to navigate the market, key pain points etc.” says Navaneeth.