The Transformation Express in Gurgaon

SAP’s Mobile Experience Centre rolled into Gurgaon, a city with incredible entrepreneurial energy. With stops at a key customer site, a partner event and a women’s college, the Transformation Express rode high on the spirit of the digital wave.. 

If there is a city that captures the spirit of a bold, ambitious India it is Gurgaon. Constantly questioning the status quo and growing against impossible odds, the city has been home to business aspirations of all shapes and hues. In this landscape, it was only apt that the Transformation Express would roll up, bringing with it a world of possibilities when it comes to digital transformation for businesses. After a star-studded launch event in New Delhi, the next stop at Gurgaon lived up to expectations and more.

Lumax Industries Plant

The first stop of the bus was the Manesar plant of Lumax Industries, the auto-ancillary company that has been an early mover in the transformation space. The Lumax team were appreciative of the way the Transformation Express was showcasing the path to digitalization for Indian businesses. Mr Sanjay Mehta (Group CFO, Lumax Industries) thanked the SAP team for the invitation to be a part of this journey, he said, “It has become a necessity for corporates to prioritize digital transformation as the complexity of the transactions now demand it. The success of any corporate organization depends on how fast they can implement digitalization.” SAP and Lumax have a history of an association that goes back to 2007, and Mr Mehta took a moment to thank the team for their support in their own transformation journey, adding that the concept of the bus would definitely help other Indian conglomerates travel their own path. Also attending the event at the plant was Mr Jai Kishan Taneja (Domain Head, Lumax Industries) who spoke about how the MSMEs in the auto sector were embracing digitalization. 


Evening Event at Le Meridien Hotel, Gurgaon

The event was keynoted by Amit Kapoor (Senior Director, Sales, SAP Indian Subcontinent). 

As the sun set, the Transformation Express pulled up to a partner event at the Le Meridien Hotel, Gurgaon where SAP partner SGN Software hosted an evening. SAP’s partners form a crucial part of the transformation ecosystem and this event was a testimony to that collaborative effort that is key to the journey of many organizations. One such company is Relaxo Footwear, a Rs 2400 crore footwear brand with a strong presence across markets. Mr Ashish Nigam (AVP, Relaxo Footwear) and Mr Harsh Khandelwal (CEO, SGN Software) were part of a fireside chat where they shared their journey with the audience and lauded the efforts of the mobile experience centre. 


Energy unbound at the Gurgaon Govt Girls College

As the next day dawned the computer science students of the Government Girls College in Sector 14 of Gurgaon found a curious phenomenon in their campus – it was the Transformation Express that made a stop! The young leaders of tomorrow were enthusiastic and inquisitive and found real-world resonance with the concept of cloud computing, analytics and digital transformation. To give these young ladies perspectives from the real world, we had Ms Nikita Das (Senior Director, Brand and Business Marketing, SAP) who shared her experiences and relived her college days. As she recounts on her LinkedIn page, “The visit was a great reminder of good old college days - the innocence, curiosity, giggles, and the same old singing of Good moooorning maaam!” The event also aligned with SAP’s CSR initiative #CodeUnnati that aims at digitally upskilling India’s youth, especially its young women. 

The Journey Ahead

The Transformation Express continues on its journey to bring the latest SAP technologies and cloud innovation to customers, partners and educational institutions in the country.

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