Bengaluru Video Analytics Startup uses Deep tech for safety solutions

Video analytics startup Pixuate was started in 2015 to offer services in enterprise safety and security with the help of deep tech. The tech startup, founded by software engineers Akshata Kari and Parthvi Palekar, utilizes algorithms in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Computer Vision to deliver real-time insights from high-volument video and image data. Pixuate’s services are helpful in security intelligence, compliance audits and automation. The services include analytics for people, vehicles and object recognition. This can help the security agencies to detect violations, recognise suspects and detect objects. 

“We develop AI technology in India and it has a huge market and utilisation around the globe. We provide surveillance intelligence and safety-related solutions. It can provide real-time information during an event and our software can be installed in the existing CCTV cameras. It can alert the authority about the safety concern and the employee count in real-time,” says Akshata Kari, co-founder of Pixuate. 

Pixuate started its operations with image processing and computer vision technology. After a few years of experience now it uses AI and Deep Learning for safety-related solutions. The Bengaluru based startup has already worked with many big multi-nationals including Unilever, Godrej and ITC. It has also worked with the PWD department of Karnataka government. 

“We call our platform a video analytics platform. Now using our software one can detect faces and persons, and read the vehicle number plates. My co-founder Prathvi is in charge of the technical department and I am in charge of the sales department. We have more than 20 enterprise customers including highway concessioners, govt sectors, banks, retail stores and manufacturing industries. We launched a product with L&T to install on their highway toll gates. Last month we also worked for the PWD department of the Government of Karnataka to complete a traffic survey in 100 places at a time,” says Akshata about the journey of Pixuate.  

 We bootstrapped first and then generated revenue by delivering custom requirements for many companies for 3-4 years. 

Pixuate was bootstrapped first with a pre-seed round investment of Rs 1 crore and it raised funding of 1 million dollars last year from SucSeed Innovation Fund. It has already received debt funding support from the Technology Development Board (TDB), Government of India. 

“We made a heavy R&D investment in the last 2 years and are looking forward to being breakeven in a year. We have 6 projects to execute in April. We are planning to add 20 customers next year,” reveals Akshata about the growth path of Pixuate. 

Pixuate will be getting the guidance of the mentors under the Mentors of Global Bharat program, an initiative by TV9 Bharatvarsh and SAP to offer support to budding entrepreneurs. A total of 20 startups from across the country will get mentorship under this programme. 

“We are planning an ambitious business plan to create an Indian software and scale it globally. During Covid, we got late sometimes in decision making and now we are looking forward to validating our platform and meeting clients’ expectations. We are seeking business development, marketing and deep technology related mentorship. A mentor with hands-on experience in enterprise product building will be ideal for us. We are looking forward to the mentorship to scale our product globally,” says Akshata.