An ode to the spirit of #TheChangemakers on World MSME Day

Inspiring tales of Indian MSME owners whose unwavered strength has crafted their success stories.

Na Tham Na Ruk tu kar karam

Prateek Mathur, a member of our community, dedicates this beautiful self-composed poem to those who keep moving forward, even in troubled times: 
Their farsighted vision, unwavering determination, and persistent effort transformed the world in more ways than one. They are #TheChangemakers who revolutionized the business industry one step at a time.

This world MSME Day, we salute the strength and resilience of all enterprises and entrepreneurs who tirelessly work day-in and day-out, even when situations get rough and unmanageable.

The story of resilience!

In 1971, Deepak Shah was adorned with a major responsibility - to revive a company that had been drowning in debt. The travesty of the situation did not tremble his rock-solid determination. His vision, aspiration, and resilience led to Sulphur Mills Limited's upward growth. He not only managed to get the company out of debt, but also transformed it into the largest producer of Sulphur globally, with subsidiaries in Europe, Australia, Latin America, and Africa. The company is now a prominent exporter of agrochemicals for over 80 countries across the world. Shah's belief in being self-reliant aided the company to capture a roaring 3 billion dollar market share of global agrochemical export. His futuristic approach is reflected in his tech-driven business systems, which as leaders of innovation in the field, were the first to introduce fertis to crops.

Deepak Shah is one of the notable #TheChangemakers of India who had the courage and resilience to overtake a business that was submerging in its past karma. He revived a sinking boat and won the business race against all odds.

The Story of Growth!

Founded by Radha Krishna Beriwala, SRMB Steel Pvt Ltd has stood the test of time for over 70 years now. He soaked the seeds of the company in the pre-independent Bengal, and now the third generation of his family is reaping its effects.

Ashish Beriwala, the present director of SRMB credits the philosophy of customer and employees first for the 7 decades of success. The roots of the empire may be decades old, but its philosophy of keeping up with the changing times has helped the organization thrive, even in the pandemic era. Mr Beriwala believes that their will to keep adapting and learning from challenges has helped them hold their boats sturdy in the unruly waters of COVID-19.

Ashish Beriwala continues the legacy of his family- of being #TheChangemakers of India.

The Story of Success!

Anuradha Aacharya, Founder & CEO of Map My Genome, disrupted the health and wellness industry with a breakthrough idea-Mapping human genetics to discover health and wellness issues. She spent 20 years of her career in intensive research to analyse what DNA says about people.

Through Map My Genome, she has helped thousands discover the latent diseases their DNA has been carrying. It has guided people to make lifestyle adjustments to enhance their health.

Anuradha adorns the Entrepreneur of the Year award for her cutting-edge approach in the health sector.

Her innovative and revolutionary idea puts her up on the hall of fame of #TheChangemakers of India.

These awe-spiring business personalities are not the only ones who are disrupting the world to bring in change. Every MSME owner has the will, creativity, and courage to be a part of #TheChangemakers of the world.

We thank each and every one of them for their hard work, will, and perseverance. The world wouldn't be the same without your small dreams and big ideas!